Fence Dispute in Santa Rosa, California Results in Naked Mannequin Display

A Santa Rosa man who was forced to lower his 9-foot privacy fence has taken a unique form of revenge on the anonymous neighbor who complained to the city by erecting a "garden party" of naked mannequins in his front yard.

Jason Windus says he set up the naked mannequins in his front yard in Santa Rosa after the city ordered him to chop his brand-new fence in half. The complaint came from a neighbor who pointed out Windus' new fence did not comply with local regulations about sight lines on corner lots.

"I put this fence together for my dogs so that they had a place to run," Windus told KPIX. "As you see, I got a big dog. I got two of ’em, and they can just clear this fence no problem."

Code enforcement was called out to Windus' house and they determined the new fence violated property line, and prevented drivers from seeing on-coming traffic.

"You want me to cut my fence down? Now you get to see what’s behind the fence," said Windus.

A chair has even been reserved for the anonymous "nosy neighbor" who complained to the city.

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