A Chorus for a Cause Presents: "Isn't Life Amazing?"

A concert performed by A Chorus for a Cause to benefit NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness). Isn't Life Amazing? That's what A Chorus for a Cause (ACFAC) will be singing about to benefit NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) on April 27 & May 14.

There are times we all may have wished we could change what life has handed us. We have feared that we couldn't face what was in store. But life will always rise and fall, ups and downs and in-betweens, it happens to us all. Let the music we sing show you how you can let the music fill your soul. We will help you keep your music flowing strong, so you can find a way to carry on. Life can be amazing!

All of us have a promise...Spring follows winter, day follows night and light follows darkness. We are thankful these promises don't lie frozen in the snow. Yes, we must live right here and now or life can get us down. Let ACFAC show you what happens now! It can be amazing!

Sometimes we have what it takes to breeze along through life and sometimes we make mistakes...Let's travel this road together and help each other out. Life can be amazing that way, if we lean on (me) each other and find common ground. ACFAC can help you put a little love in your heart and you might want to start your own love train. We want to help you shine!

Tickets and more information HERE

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