Pink & Carey Hart Dish On Fun-Filled 14th Anniversary Celebration In Ojai

Pink and Carey Hart are giving fans the scoop on how they’re spending their anniversary.

On January 7, the happy couple honored their 14 years of marriage, and now they’ve since been using the occasion to relax, unwind, and enjoy each other’s time on quite the wild vacation. So how did they celebrate? “We went on a motorcycle ride," the singer-songwriter told Entertainment Tonight via a Skype interview on Monday (January 13). "We went to Ojai and stayed in an Airstream and it was really fun."

Despite the hardships the lovebirds have had to overcome throughout the years, Pink said “we fight the good fight” to make things work. "I mean, it's fun to have a family and to be able to say, 'Do you remember?' or I'll say something like, 'I can’t believe my dad said that.' And Carey will be like, 'He said that 10 years ago.' And I'm like, 'He did?'" she added. "So, it's good that he reminds me of what happens in my life."

While out in Ojai, Pink shared a glimpse at the couple’s wicked wheels as she detailed their getaway on Instagram.

“Things I learned in Ojai; Ojai means “moon” in Chumash. The beautiful pink mountains behind @hartluck are called CHIEFS PEAK because the Chumash believe that a warrior chief lye down to look at the moon and stars,” she captioned a picture of the former motorcross star posing beside their motorcycles. “Also, gin martinis are really good but shouldn’t be drunk that fast and also I mostly really like being married to this guy.”

As fans know, Pink and Hart tied the knot in 2006. They suffered a separation in 2008 but reconciled later on in life, and went on to have two children, daughter Willow and son Jameson.

Photo: Getty Images

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