BTS Members Will Be Expected To Join South Korean Military

BTS fans who were hoping they’d be able to get out of their mandated military service will be sorely disappointed.

All South Korean males between 18 and 28 are expected to spend a year and a half protecting their country, and South Korea's Ambassador to Great Britain recently made it known that there is no exception for K-Pop stars.

“It is very much expected that young Korean men serve the country,” the ambassador said, “and those BTS members are role models for many young-generation Koreans."

But the truth is, some exceptions for K-Pop stars have been made. As we told you, back in December 2020, the South Korean National Assembly changed its Military Service Act to allow K-Pop artists to postpone their time in the military. The new rules now say that any K-Pop artist who receives government medals will be able to put their service off for two years.

Unfortunately, some BTS members are coming close to that deadline. Kim Seok-jin turns 30 in December and Suga, a.k.a. Min Yoon-gi, is also set to turn 30 next March.

Source: TMZ

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