Good Samaritan Jumps Into Dutch Canal To Rescue Tourists From Sinking Van

A good Samaritan jumps into a canal in Amsterdam to save tourists from a sinking van. Around noon on Saturday, a minivan with nine tourists inside plunged into the Prinsengracht canal in the heart of Amsterdam. Video shot from a nearby apartment shows an unidentified man jumping into the canal to assist the passengers in escaping from the sinking vehicle.

The man opens the front passenger door of the van and helps two people out while the remaining passengers escape from the other side of the van. Then the man swims around the van to make sure everyone made it out just as the van becomes totally submerged. Divers later confirm that no one was left inside the vehicle.

Passersby helped pull the passengers out of the cold water from the canal’s edge. Two of the tourists were taken to the hospital to be treated for minor injuries while the rest went to a nearby cafe to warm up. First responders reported that the incident probably happened when the driver was trying to park next to the canal.

Source: Daily Mail

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