Good News: Ohio Teen Raises Over $12K For Ukraine On Stair Climber

An Ohio teen walks on a stair climber for 24 hours, raising $12,500 for struggling Ukrainians. Last Saturday, Olena Sadovska — a Ukrainian-American 18-year-old athlete from Cleveland — spent 24 hours on a stair-climbing machine at her gym. The show of endurance was to raise funds in support of the country of Ukraine. Sadovska livestreamed the fundraiser on TikTok and posted several videos, which have racked up millions of views.

Sadovska was born in Lviv, and aside from her parents, brother, and an aunt and uncle, all her family still lives in Ukraine. After Russia invaded Ukraine in February, Sadovska wanted to do something to help Ukrainians in need and noticed videos on TIkTok of people doing the stair climber for shorter times were getting a lot of attention, so she decided to do a 24-hour stair climber marathon.

Despite not having spent much time on a stair climbing machine before, Sadovska was able to meet her 24-hour goal and blew way past her target of raising $5-thousand, raising two and a half times that amount. "It’s absolutely insane," Sadovska says of the donations. "I don’t even know how it happened, but I’m so grateful." She plans to give the cash donations to a local bank that sends money to Ukraine and will donate the remainder to the organization Ukraine Relief.

Source: Fox News

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