Career Coach Says "Hot Women" Should Downplay Beauty To Get Hired

Being pretty comes with plenty of perks, but not when it comes to looking for a job, according to one employment expert. Career coach Mandy Tang claims that gorgeous job seekers would be better off downplaying their flawless features and physiques during interviews in order to boost their chances of getting hired.

Tang shares her hot take in a video on TikTok titled, “What to do when you’re really hot during the interview process.” She explains that interviewers are probably thinking, “Oh, she’s like phenomenally beautiful? That’s annoying. And I bet she’s a b***h too.” And that’s because people still have this idea that if you’re hot, you must not be that smart or nice.

“If you are currently applying for a job and you’re making it to the final round and you happen to be … traditionally attractive, you have to watch out,” Tang warns in the clip. “There’s actually going to be a bias against you. I know candidates who have experienced it.” She advises hot candidates to tone down their appearance to convince hiring managers they’re right for the job, noting, “go the other direction and play it really warm and really down to earth,” so they’re not seen as “just this perfectly polished version.”

Source: NY Post

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