Many Are Selling Tom Brady’s Retirement Announcement Sand On eBay

When Tom Brady announced his second retirement from the NFL, he did through a video shot on a beach in Tampa. Beneath his feet was sand…and that sand has value…or at least that’s what several people on eBay are hoping.

If you do a quick eBay search for “Tom Brady sand,” you’ll see a couple of hundred entrepreneurial spirits selling “sand” from the “exact retirement spot” of Brady’s announcement.

There’s no way to really prove that it’s the actual sand that touched the GOAT’s feet, but that’s not stopping people from asking for prices from between 99 cents and $99,999.

There’s also one person trying to sell an “empty jar that’s not filled with sand from Tom Brady’s exact retirement spot” for $25K.

You kind of has to respect that one.

Source: eBay

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