Pink Reveals The Heartbreaking Inspiration Behind Her Hit Song 'Who Knew'

Photo: Weiss Eubanks/NBCUniversal

Pink is reminiscing on what inspired her 2006 hit "Who Knew." During her recent appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, the singer-songwriter shared that the emotional song was written after she lost two close friends to drug overdoses. "I lost several friends, unfortunately, to overdose, and the second one was very, very, very close to me, and I loved him very much," she told host Kelly Clarkson. The song was specifically written about her friend Sekou, who died of a heroin overdose when they were just teenagers.

"But the thing that I love about the song now, after all these years, is that I never get tired of performing it, and it's taken on so many different meanings over the years. It was about my grandmother at one point. It was about my dog," she continued. "I've lost people, so it's always sort of fresh in my heart." When Clarkson said that it "sucks" to have to experience so much loss, Pink pointed out that loss is inevitable and "we need music for that though." She went on, "I need music to help me through my feelings, and I can numb down really easy."

After the heartfelt conversation, Pink and Clarkson proceeded to sing an acoustic version of the song. Fans took to the comments section to applaud the singers for the amazing duet. "They are both incredible in their own rights, but together, amazing," one fan wrote. "The thing that makes this all the more special is their mutual admiration. You don't see that as much as we should. Two classy ladies."

Later this month, Pink will drop her new album TRUSTFALL. Check out the full tracklist here before it drops on February 17th!

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