TikTok: Woman Gets Called Out After Accusing Dude Of Being A Gym Creeper

On TikTok, a now deleted post from a woman named “Jessica” called out a dude who she claimed kept “staring” at her and eventually walked over to help her put some weight on a barbell. The reason it may’ve been deleted was because of the negative attention Jessica’s post got because, according to Joey Swoll, the guy didn’t do anything wrong. 

  • First off, just because you're in someone’s peripheral vision doesn’t mean you’re being stared at.
  • Secondly, Jessica’s wearing headphones, talking into a mic, and clearly videoing whatever it is she’s trying to do, with him in the background, while repeatedly saying the guy is “feral.”
  • Finally, anyone who’s ever lifted with barbells knows that putting on plates off the floor without jacks or support can be a pain, and other lifters offering to assist isn’t uncommon when it’s clear that they’re struggling. 

Yes, there are women that are ogled and harassed at the gym…and that’s wrong. This isn’t one of those cases, according to Swoll, and that might be why Jessica deleted the video.

Source: TikTok/TheJoeySwoll

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