Firefighter Helps Deliver 1st Grandkid After Daughter Stops At His Station

On the morning of February 10th, firefighter Bret Langston of Austell, Georgia, was on duty at the Austell Fire Department when his 18-year-old daughter Hannah Langston stopped by to use the station’s restroom. Hannah, who was nine months pregnant, woke up that morning feeling contractions, but didn’t think it was “that big of a deal," so she was taking her time getting to the birthing center.

The Austell Fire Department was on her way, so it seemed like a good place to stop for a bathroom break, but once Hannah was there, the baby decided to make an early arrival. They called an ambulance, but the baby wasn’t going to wait, so Bret decided to deliver the baby right there. "I've been in the fire service for a little over 28 years and I have delivered multiple children,” he says. “So just natural instincts kind of took over."

Within minutes, Bret’s granddaughter was born. The City of Austell announced the birth on its social media a couple of days later. “Welcome, Baby Adalynn Marie Williams!,” the post reads. “Born at 12:28pm on Friday , February 10, 2023, this baby girl made her appearance in a BIG WAY!” And even though baby Adalynn’s birth didn’t go how anyone expected it to, they wouldn’t change a thing. "It was very sweet and it's something that I will never forget," the new grandpa says, and then adds, “She's perfect.”

Source: People

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