Returning To Work Has Revealed A Spike In Utensil Thefts

Disposable plastic tableware. Environmental problem, environmental pollution. On a blue background.

Photo: Getty Images

Returning to the office has been a big adjustment for many people, but there’s one problem popping up. 

Co-workers are swiping utensils that don’t belong to them.

Many breakrooms have company utensils there or people bring their own, but they are disappearing fast.

The “Wall Street Journal” has even reported on the problem and studies have been conducted since 2021.

Now staffers are being “deputized” as fork police to try and stem the tide.

As companies ditch single-use utensils and get flatware, they’re having to, in many cases, replace at least 100 forks a month!

So, if you work in an office - put the utensils back or bring your own.

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