Missouri 10-Year-Old Saves Grandma’s Life During Medical Emergency

Last week, North St. Louis County 10-year-old Keon White and his little brother were spending the night at their grandmother Melanie Robinson’s home, when she had a diabetic episode. Robinson got up to change the baby’s diaper and suddenly felt disoriented. “She was trying to talk and she couldn’t talk properly,” Keon recalls. “She sounded like a zombie.”

He knew something was definitely wrong with his grandma when she fell off the bed and couldn’t respond as he was yelling her name. So the fourth-grader got her phone and called 911. Keon stayed on the phone with 911 dispatch answering questions until EMS arrived and he let them inside the home.

Doctors say Robinson suffered a hypoglycemia crisis. She spent two days in the hospital recovering and now she’s praising her grandson for saving her. “I’m so proud of him,” Robinson says. “Because if he hadn’t been there, I hate to think what would have happened.” And Christian Hospital nurse Adrianne McPherson agrees, saying that Keon’s response may very well have saved his grandmother’s life. “It could have been very detrimental,” she says. “The outcome could have been much worse than it was.”

Once she’s out of the hospital, Robinson plans to take her grandson out for a special dinner as a small thank you.

Source: KMOV

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