Thanksgiving Foods That Are Bad For Your Dog

While plain turkey is fine for your pooch, keep the skin and fat away from them. The skin is very greasy and the fat could cause pancreatitis. Seasonings could also upset their little bellies. If you plan to give them a taste of turkey, put it in their bowl rather than feeding them from the table, encouraging begging.

Other foods that could be toxic to your pet include...

Grapes and raisins. These foods could cause kidney damage.
Nuts could cause vomiting, diarrhea and pancreatitis due to the high fat content.
Salty snacks. If they eat too much, it could cause excessive thirst and urination. They could also suffer from sodium ion poisoning.
Garlic, onions and chives could also upset their stomachs. 

Lastly, when disposing of the turkey carcass, be careful! If your dog gets a hold of it, they run the risk of choking on bones.

Amy Malone

Amy Malone

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