Cheat Sheet For Wine & Cheese Pairing

Never really know which wine pairs best with which cheese? Wonder no longer, here is a little cheat sheet for you...

White Wine + Gouda Cheese - For the whine, Sauvignon Banc is a good choice due to the citrus and tropical flavors that work so well with Gouda.

Sparkling Wine + Blue Cheese - A dry bubbly is a good match for blue cheese, which can be intense. The sparkly wines will help mellow things out.

Rose + Parmesan Cheese - Rose is the popular pink wine by far, so nibbling on Parmesan cheese is the best way to go. It pairs well with the delicate, fruity flavors of a rose.

Red Wine + Colby Cheese - If red wine is more your speed, with a big, bold cabernet sauvignon in blueberry, blackberry and vanilla go great with a mild cheese like Colby.

When in doubt, remember...

Fresh is best! Fresh, mild and milky cheeses go best with rose

Skip the Sweet! Go for dry wines over sweet. The acidity of a dry wine will balance out the richness of the cheese.

White is more forgiving! Pair reds with full flavored cheeses.

Pouring red wine in glasses

Pouring red wine in glasses

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