Wine And Halloween Candy...Pair Them Perfectly By Using This Guide

While you're enjoying your kids Halloween candy after they've gone to bed and you're free to raid what they have, why not enjoy a glass of wine along with it? Here is how to pair your wine with the candy...

Butterfinger & Sauvignon Blanc - This wine balances the sweet and salty

Candy Corn & Chardonnay - The oaky, buttery bottle balances with the sweetness of the candy

Gummy Bears & Rose - The strawberry/peach flavor pairs well with the fruity gummies

Kit Kat & Merlot - The smooth richness of the merlot pairs nicely with the chocolate of the candy

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups & Oloroso Sherry - The sherry has a toasty, nutty caramel flavor that goes perfectly with the chocolate and peanut butter favorite

Snickers & Syrah - There's a hint of chocolate and spice in this wine that is a great match for the candy

Sour Patch Kids & Riesling - The wine is acidic and citrusy that goes great with the sweet and sour of the candy

Starbucks & Moscato - A sweeter Moscato paired with the fruity Starburst matches perfectly with a honey, apricot and/or green apple

Swedish Fish & Lambrusco - This is a red wine that has hints of a berry-cherry flavor, just like the candy

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