Ryan Reynolds Gets Standing Ovation With First “Free Guy” Trailer

It’s already safe to say fans love Ryan Reynolds’new movie, “Free Guy” – and it hasn’t even hit theaters yet. The actor got a standing ovation at a Brazilian convention over the weekend where he debuted the first trailer.

In fact, the sea of fans got so excited to meet Reynolds that they knocked down a barricade and almost crushed the actor. In videos of the moment posted to social media, you can see Reynolds jump back in the knick of time – but he didn’t seem phased, jumping right back down to greet fans after the blip.

In “Free Guy,” Reynolds’ character is a bank-teller-turned-hero living in a video game – in his words, “‘Back To The Future’ for modern generations.” “‘Free Guy’ is my favorite movie I’ve ever made,” Reynolds added. “And that means a lot to me because I made ‘Deadpool.’”

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