Reasons To Adopt A Work 'Uniform'

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We’re not talking the black mock turtle and jeans like Steve Jobs but you do need to think about what basic elements you like to wear and feel good in. If there’s a blouse you adore and always get compliments on, why not buy one in every color? If you’ve finally found a pair of pants you don’t want to pull off the minute you get home, buy a few pairs and start wearing them every day.

So why should you do this?

Fewer choices means less stress. Although we think we want lots and lots of options, it turns out that when we get what we say we want — hello, jam-packed closet and overflowing shoe collection — we have a harder time making any decision at all, and we’re more likely to feel like we’ve made the wrong one.

You can be comfortable all the time. You can decide to wear only clothing that makes you feel good and look good.

Minimalism means freedom. “While others may like to vary their looks, there’s a stylishness to wearing the same clothes that are perfect for us and using them as a kind of personal uniform.”

You can save money AND time. When you stick with classic items you can wear again and again, you can save yourself a tidy sum. And when you eliminate the try-on, take-off, try-again cycle of shopping and dressing, you’ll have loads more time to focus on what matters most to you.


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