Community Saves Woman’s Home With Free Repairs & Upgrades

A Cincinnati woman who was at risk of losing her home because she couldn’t afford to make essential repairs is saved by her community. A year ago, Naima Jackson wasn’t sure she’d be able to live in her family home much longer. The list of needed repairs in the home, which has been in her family for three generations, was so long that her modest income couldn’t cover the costs. The house had been paid off for more than 20 years, but was nearly unlivable.

Jackson sought help from churches and nonprofits, and even tried unsuccessfully to get a loan, but then her story was shared by WCPO 9 News. Immediately after the story aired, the station began getting emails and phone calls from people wanting to know how they could help. Among those, was Amy Goodman, who got to work trying to find other people to help renovate Jackson’s home. She enlisted her husband, Rich Goodman, a project manager for a commercial developer, to act as the contractor for the project.

Dozens of people, companies, and organizations across the region contributed money, labor, and materials to make the necessary repairs to Jackson’s home. In some cases, the home wasn’t just fixed, but actually upgraded and improved. Goodman believes the home should be in good shape for decades to come. And Jackson appreciates the kindness and support from all those who helped her be able to stay in the home she calls her “family’s legacy.” Saying simply, “I am grateful.”


Photo Credit: Getty

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