Listening To Mom Pays Off For $1.6M Lottery Winner

A Michigan woman followed her mom’s advice and ended up winning over $1.6-million in the lottery. A 37-year-old woman from Wayne County, Michigan, was at a café in Lincoln Park playing a Michigan Lottery game with her mom. "I was out with my mom and playing Club Keno," she says. "My mom told me that the Fast Cash jackpot was more than $1.6 million and suggested I give that game a try."

She took her mom’s advice and picked up two tickets, won a few dollars, and then purchased one more ticket with her winnings. "That was when I won the jackpot. I was so excited; I really wasn't sure how to react," the woman recalls. "I called the bar owner over and told him I had won and asked him to scan the ticket for me. He confirmed that I had won, and I just couldn't believe what was happening."

The winning ticket got the woman the game’s top prize of over $1.6-million. She says she plans on using her new-found wealth to buy a new house, pay off her student loans, and take a trip to Disney World with her son. She then plans to save the remainder of the money.


Photo Credit: Getty

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