Tom Brady Surprises Young Cancer Survivor With Super Bowl Tickets!

Tom Brady surprises young fan who beat cancer with tickets to the Super Bowl. During the Bucs vs Bears game in late October, Bucs quarterback Tom Brady ran over to the sideline to give a hat to a young fan holding a "TOM BRADY HELPED ME BEAT BRAIN CANCER" sign. The little boy, 10-year-old Noah Reeb, couldn’t hold back his tears, and fans were understandably moved by the touching moment.

Well, on Saturday, Brady surprised Reeb with another gift. In a video posted to the NFL’s Twitter page the seven-time Super Bowl champ tells Reeb how his story has inspired him and millions of others. He goes on to tell the boy that he worked with the Bucs and the NFL to get his entire family tickets to Super Bowl LVI (56) on February 13th in L.A.

“We certainly hope to be there, but I know you’re going to be there,” Brady says in the video. “It’s going to be really cool for all of us. Glad to see you’re doing well. Take care, man. And, enjoy the tickets!" Reeb’s whole family is there when he gets the surprise and they cheer, “We’re going to the Super Bowl!” When asked what he had to say back to Brady, Reeb says, “Thank you so much!,” and finally, “Let’s go Bucs!

Source:FOX News

Photo Credit: Getty

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