Teen Cashier Saves Customer’s Life With CPR

A teen cashier at a Utah grocery store jumps in to perform CPR on a customer suffering a heart attack, saving his life. It was a normal day at work for 17-year-old Ryan Zook. He had just returned from lunch and was helping a customer when he heard a loud crash. He went to look and saw 55-year-old Bob Lewis unconscious on the ground. The teen checked for a pulse and when he couldn’t find one, he started CPR. Using skills he’d learned as a Boy Scout, Zook was able to keep Lewis alive until paramedics arrived.

Lewis was taken to the ICU, where doctors confirmed he’d had a heart attack. They told him that if he hadn’t gotten immediate help, he would have died. He says he didn’t have any clue that he was having a heart attack. “I felt normal. No elephant on the chest, no achy arms, nothing,” he says. “I had zero warning.” And he’s grateful for his teenage hero. “To be in that exact spot where Ryan was at that exact moment — I do think it’s divine intervention. I’m 100% convinced of that,” he says. “He did the right thing, and because he did the right thing I’m here with my friends and family today.”

When Lewis got out of the hospital, he and his family made a visit to Zook at the grocery store. “We told him thank you and that we appreciate a young man who has morals and values and wants to learn and be a productive member of our community,” Lewis recalls. “I’m proud of Ryan. He’s a good young man.” Zook says he wouldn’t hesitate to do it again if necessary, saying, “I feel like I was there for a reason. It was in my nature; I didn’t have to think about it.”

Source:HJ News

Photo Credit: Getty

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