#GoodNews: Man Makes Canes For Vets Using Donated Xmas Trees

U.S. Army veteran Jamie Willis is disabled and got a cane from Veterans Affairs, but aside from it having no style, it kept collapsing and he didn’t consider it trustworthy.

So he reached out to a Florida organization,Free Canes for Veterans, that was giving out 500 canes.

Unfortunately, they had run out of canes, but founder Oscar Morris taught Willis how to make his own.

He then asked if he could form his own branch, Canes for Veterans Central Texas,and the 50-year-old has been making canes for other vets in need ever since.

He’s made more than 200 since 2016 for veterans all over the world and he uses old Christmas trees to create them.

“I do this so I don’t sit at home all day feeling sorry for myself,” Willis explains. “This all out of kindness. I do everything out of pocket and from donations.”


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