TikToker Discovers She’s “Lost” Her Appendix

A TikToker says her appendix is "missing" after it did not show up on a CT scan. Ciara, who’s part of the podcast 'Ladies & Tangents' with Jeri, made the revelation about the doctor telling her he couldn’t find her appendix after she visited the hospital due to a "tingy" pain on her right side.

Ciara explained what happened when the doc came in to talk about the CT scan results. He said “First of all your appendix didn't show up on the CT scan," to which she reacted, “Where is it?! Why aren't we more concerned about that?!" While a missing organ would naturally spook a person, the doctor wasn’t concerned. The good news was there wasn’t inflammation where the appendix should be.

The missing organ was never found!

Source: Meaww

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