Influencer Cancels $30,000 Photoshoot Because She “Had A Headache"

In a recent TikTok from Lux Social marketing agency owner Zane Marshall, he reveals an unnamed influencer cost his company $ 30 thousand for canceling a photo shoot on the basis of “a headache.”

After conversing with people close to her, Marshall later discovered that the influencer was hung over, and missed her flight to the shoot because she felt sick.

Many TikTokers commiserated with Marshal over this situation in the comments – one user said, “I’m sorry, but if I knew I had a $30k job to do the next morning, I just wouldn’t go out and party,” and another affirmed, “You were not too harsh. [She] was unprofessional.”

Fortunately, Marshall noted that the production team was compensated for their time.

Viewers are unsure of who this influencer might be, though they’ve been speculating in the comments.

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