Woman Drops iPhone Into Ocean, Gets It Back In Working Order 460 Days Later

Back view of new iPhone 13 white smartphone

Photo: Getty Images

Clare Atfield can’t believe she got her phone back in working order. The was paddleboarding on August 4th, 2021 off the coast of Havant, Hampshire when she fell off her board and dropped her iPhone. Convinced that her phone was gone forever, she forgot about it…until November 7th, when a local dog walker found it on the beach.

The phone had apparently washed up on the beach not far from where she’d originally lost it. He got in contact with her, and they discovered that the phone worked perfectly. Atfield says it’s because she had it in a waterproof bag that came with her paddleboard, but she is still amazed that it works after over a year in the ocean.

Source: New York Post

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