Celine Dion Reveals That She Has A Rare Neurological Condition

Celine Dion is opening up about her health issues. She dropped a very emotional video on Instagram this morning explaining that she has Stiff Person Syndrome, a rare and incurable neurological disease that can cause debilitating muscle spasms. She explained this is what’s been causing her health problems for years.

According to the Stiff Person Syndrome Foundation, it affects the central nervous system, specifically the brain and spinal cord. "Patients can be disabled, wheelchair-bound or bed-ridden, unable to work and care for themselves," they say, adding that the neurological disease with autoimmune features can include symptoms like "hyper-rigidity, debilitating pain, chronic anxiety," and muscle spasms "so violent they can dislocate joints and even break bones."

Dion revealed she could not restart her tour as expected, but promised updates. 

Source: People

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