#GoodNews: UPS Driver Goes Viral For Reaction To Snacks Left On Porch

A UPS driver in Kentucky has gone viral for his reaction to snacks left out on a porch for him. A couple of years ago, Toni Hillison Barnett and her husband started leaving a snack cart out for delivery drivers dropping off packages to their Louisville, Kentucky, home. Then during the pandemic lockdowns, they became even more reliant on deliveries, so the snacks seemed like the perfect way to show their appreciation.

Recently, their doorbell cam caught a UPS driver who was totally stoked by the offering of snacks. “Oh my God , you guys are the best, I gotta take a snapshot of this,” he says in the video. “Oh, Capri Suns are my favorite, Yes!” Then the same driver returns a couple of days later and mentions that his social media post about the snack cart had gone viral.

“Thank you! Oh yes, no way, we’re back again with the Capri Sun,” he says. “I think this is where I went viral, isn’t it? You guys are awesome. Thank you. Dorito’s … Thank you, have a great day. Thank you for making me go viral.” In Barnett’s post she says that the driver’s joy makes it all worth it for her. “I live for reactions like this to our snack cart!,” she writes. “Thx to all of the delivery drivers out there! We appreciate you!!”

Source: WCTV

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