Britney's Husband Explains Her "Meltdown" At LA Restaurant

Britney Spears evidently did not have a meltdown at an LA restaurant Sunday, as TMZ first reported.

A paparazzi caught up with Spears’ husband, Sam Asghari, who explained that Britney was just a bit frustrated about being filmed at dinner and Sam didn’t walk out on her – he simply went to get the car so they could leave.

Despite an eyewitness insisting she was acting “erratically” and claiming that her husband had quickly left the restaurant in anger, Asghari says that wasn’t the case at all. He told the pap that he knows people firing up their phones to get a snap of Britney coming with the territory and that ultimately, they understand that. Britney also denies acting erratically at the restaurant.

Source: TMZ

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