#GoodNews: Apple Watch Saves Pregnant Woman’s Life

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Some people say they couldn’t live without their Apple Watch, but a woman in California credits hers with saving her life while she was pregnant. Jesse Kelly still had a few weeks to go until her due date last month when her Apple Watch notified her that her heart rate was high.

The Costa Mesa mom says she wasn’t doing any kind of activity that would have pumped her heart rate up over 120 beats per minute, so she didn’t think there was anything to worry about at first. But after she got the third warning that her heart rate was high, the 39-year-old decided to go get checked out at the hospital.

It’s a good thing that Kelly did because she was in full-blown labor when she got to the hospital. Her blood pressure was dropping and she was losing blood due to a pregnancy complication called placental abruption. “I literally thought I was going to die,” she says. “There were so many doctors and stuff in there.” But Kelly was in good hands and three hours later, her baby girl, Shelby Marie, was born. And now the grateful mom urges everyone to not ignore their Apple Watch warnings, saying, “Pay attention to it and listen to your body.”

Source: CBS News

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