#GoodNews: Grateful Owner Reunites With Show Dogs Taken In Stolen Van

The owner of four show dogs who were stolen along with her van in Portland, Oregon, over the weekend is reunited with her precious pups. For decades, Vandra Huber has made the annual trip from her home in Seattle to the Rose City Classic Dog Show in Portland. This year, as she was leaving her hotel in North Portland, a thief jumped into her van and drove off with her four show dogs still inside.

Having the van stolen was unfortunate, but Huber was beside herself about her missing pups. “You can replace a van,” she explains. “But you can’t replace the love of your life.” Luckily, a good Samaritan who only wanted to be identified as “J” found the dogs and returned them to their grateful owner. “He didn’t ask for a reward,” Huber says of J. “So there are doggy angels out there who care.”

Huber went ahead to the dog show the day she was reunited with her dogs just to say thank you to the community for their support during what was a difficult time. She says to honor J for returning her dogs to her, she plans to name a future puppy after him.

Source: KPTV

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