Results Are In: DNA Evidence From Cookie To Confirm Or Deny Proof Of Santa

In Cumberland, Rhode Island, a girl was looking for definitive proof concerning the existence of Santa Claus.

Over Christmas, she took a partially eaten cookie and some carrots, and sent them to the Rhode Island Department of Health, asking them to run a DNA test to see if Santa was real. On Twitter, the experts reported that the results were in.

The Department determined that there were “no complete matches to anyone in the Combined DNA Index System,” but there was a “partial match to a 1947 case centered around 34th Street in New York City.”

They also added that more samples would be needed from “other encounters to make a definitive match.” On a side note, their tests also confirmed the presence of “DNA closely matching Rangifer tarandus, known as ‘reindeer,’ while testing the carrots.”

Well played, DNA dudes.

Source: AP News

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