#GoodNews: Officer Talks Suicidal Teen Down From I-40 Bridge

A Memphis Police officer talks a suicidal teen down a bridge. Last Thursday, Memphis police responded to a report of a young man contemplating suicide on an Interstate 40 bridge. According to a post on MPD’s social media, one of the responding officers was Officer Shaw.

Officer Shaw was able to gain the trust of the young man and learned that he was 17 years old. He told the officer that he was a new father and that life had become too stressful. A parent herself, Shaw told the teen she understood what he was going through, and after 15 minutes of talking, she was able to talk the teen down off the ledge.

MPD posted a touching pic of the officer hugging the troubled teen and thousands of commenters praised the officer’s kindness and dedication to the community. After getting the teen safely away from the ledge, Shaw told him that “things will get better.” The young man thanked the officer for being there and for helping him.

Source: WREG

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