Jeff Bezos Requires Lauren Sánchez To Sign Huge Pre-Nup

If there’s one thing we can tell about the incredibly wealthy boss of Amazon Jeff Bezos, it’s that he learns his lessons. Following the loss of $38 billion of his incredible fortune after his first marriage to Mackenzie Scott, Bezos is not making the same, um… decision with his new fiancée.

Yes, even the lawyers are getting rich off Bezos’ engagement to Lauren Sánchez, who he's asked to sign a pre-nuptial agreement. And Sánchez seemed all too eager to protect her own empire as well, which includes Black Ops Aviation. The company creates “aerial videos,” and Sánchez’s aviation background is reportedly how the pair met in the first place.

Both partners also have multiple real estate properties among them, with Bezos buying the Beverly Hills home of media mogul David Geffen in 2020. Sánchez owns a 7,000-square-foot home on Mercer Island in Washington that she retained following her divorce from talent agent Patrick Whitesell.

Source: Page Six

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