Mail Carrier Saves Disabled Veteran After Fall In Road

A disabled Vietnam veteran in Pennsylvania is hailing his mail carrier as a hero for pulling him from the middle of the road after a fall. Jim Brophy was installing lights outside his home in Mt. Lebanon when he fell down several concrete steps and out in the road. The 75-year-old says he couldn’t move and couldn’t call for help, and passing traffic “just seemed like no one was stopping.”

Fortunately, the local mail carrier, Eric, was on his regular route and found Brophy on the ground at that moment. He parked his mail truck across the road, blocking traffic, and rushed to Brophy’s aid. After making sure it was safe to move him, he helped the veteran to the curb and then went to the house to notify his wife.

Eric doesn’t think what he did was all that exceptional, saying it’s what he would do for anyone, but Brophy is now calling him his “guardian angel.” Although he suffered some scratches and bruises, he didn’t need medical attention, and he says that’s largely thanks to Eric’s help. The next day, Brophy waited until his mail carrier came through the neighborhood and rushed out to thank him in person. “I just want to thank you,” he recalls telling Eric, “I appreciate it. We’re friends for life.”

Source: CBS News

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