Good Samaritans Save CHP Officer From Savage Beating

On May 19th, three brave bystanders in Santa Ana, California, sprung into action to help a California Highway Patrol officer under assault by a man on a busy freeway onramp. The officer had initially responded to reports of a man disturbing motorists and attempting to dismantle a freeway sign. The officer was going to issue a warning, but the man unexpectedly attacked him.

In a video captured by a bystander, the officer can be seen being tackled by the suspect, then the good Samaritans rush to the officer's rescue moments later. One of the heroes, Everardo Navarro, explains, “I was concerned about the guy grabbing the officer’s gun... I didn’t have any other choice.”

CHP Officer Anselmo Templado expressed gratitude for the citizens helping the officer, saying, “It’s amazing that three good Samaritans came in and stepped in and helped our officer out.” Navarro humbly dismisses being called a hero. “We’re just all human beings,” he says. ”I would do that for anybody any time.” Following the incident, the suspect was apprehended and now faces multiple charges, while the officer, thankfully, was released from hospital with no serious injuries.

Source: KTLA

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