OJ Simpson Boasts About Hanging Out With Girls With “Granddaddy Issues”

NFL Hall of Famer and acquitted not-murderer O.J. Simpson appeared on the “It Is What It Is” podcast with Cam’ron and Mase to talk about, among other topics, girls with “granddaddy issues.”

Cam’ron made an observation that it’s hard to track down “The Juice” because he’s “always out partying.”

To that, Simpson revealed how much he enjoys hanging out with girls who have “granddaddy issues.”

In fact, there was one young lady he met in New Hampshire that he had a three-day fling with…but then she “had to go back to school.”

Don’t knock it…O.J. probably thinks this is something every older gentleman should take a stab at.

Source: BroBible 

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