Michigan Server Shocked With $10K Tip

A server at a Michigan restaurant got the surprise of a lifetime during a recent shift. Linsey Boyd was working at the Mason Jar Cafe in Benton Harbor and had to do a double take after receiving a $10-thousand tip on a bill that was only $32.43.

She admits that she was “overcome with emotion” at seeing the five-figure tip and gave the customer a hug, even though she didn’t even know his name yet. The unnamed tipper told her the money was a memorial for someone very dear to him and that he “wanted to do something kind and generous in her name.”

While the wait staff at the Mason Jar Cafe usually keep their own tips, the customer asked Boyd to split the money with her coworkers. She was happy to comply and all nine of the servers walked away with more than $1,100. “In a time where so much is happening, we wanted to share and thank the person who did this life-changing act,” the restaurant shared on Facebook. “Things can feel real heavy sometimes, but this was such an amazing act to have seen firsthand in our restaurant.”

Source: WSBTV

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