LIST: Animals Americans Think They Could Beat In A Fight

Think you could win a fight against a kangaroo? How about a chimp or a goose? It may not be something you’ve ever considered before, but some people have. A creative Redditor used the results of a YouGov survey to create a chart showing the percentage of Americans who think they could take on a variety of wild beasts.

More than 1,200 people answered questions about which, if any, of 34 different animals they could win against in a bare-handed fight. And the answers are pretty interesting.

  • The animal that most Americans feel confident they could beat in a fight is the rat. While 72% say they would win against a rat, 20% don’t think they could and the rest just aren’t sure.
  • Next up is a house cat, which 69% believe they could tackle, followed by a goose that 61% think they could beat.
  • The only other animal that Americans tend to think they could take on is a medium-sized dog, but not even half (49%) feel sure about it and only 23% are confident they could win against a large dog.
  • While 61% feel they could beat a goose, that number drops to 30% against an eagle.
  • It goes downhill from there, as just 17% believe they could win unarmed against a chimpanzee, 15% feel they would be able to beat a King cobra and 14% say the same about a kangaroo.
  • But a few folks believe they could win against some really dangerous animals, including a wolf (12%), a crocodile (9%), and a gorilla, elephant, or a lion (all 8%).
  • The animal Americans are least confident they would be victorious against in a bare-handed fight is the grizzly bear, with just 6% thinking they’d win.

Source: Reddit

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