#GoodNews: Food Bank Volunteer Walks Miles With Wagon To Help Deliver Food

When dedicated Food Bank of Iowa volunteer Loryssa Rippey noticed that some families at the King Elementary School pantry in Des Moines were struggling to get heavy items home because they didn’t have transportation, she decided to do something about it. To address the issue, she came up with a simple but effective solution: using a wagon to deliver groceries to families in need.

Now every Friday, Rippey is making multiple trips, walking miles pulling her wagon, delivering essential food items, like flour and milk, and ensuring that people without cars are taken care of. She believes that everyone deserves access to nutritious food and is committed to making sure they get it, even if it means walking long distances.

Rippey's dedication and compassion have not gone unnoticed. Recognizing her contributions, the Food Bank of Iowa recently hired her as an official employee to oversee pantry operations across 15 counties. Despite the challenges, Rippey is committed to serving others, spreading joy, and making a meaningful difference in the lives of those facing food insecurity in the Des Moines area.

Source: KCCI

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