#GoodNews: Heroic Dad Rescues Neighbor From 2nd Floor Of House Fire

A courageous neighbor in Minersville, Pennsylvania, risked his life to save a man trapped in a burning house. In a video captured by another neighbor, Oscar Rivera can be seen climbing onto the roof and pulling the man to safety as thick smoke enveloped the area. Despite the danger, his quick actions and bravery prevented a potentially tragic outcome.

Rivera said he heard a loud noise while playing with his children in the yard and rushed to the scene. It was immediately clear to him that the situation required that he help his neighbor safely escape the fire, but his heroic efforts didn't stop there. He also checked on a woman lying on a neighboring roof before firefighters arrived.

While Rivera's actions undoubtedly saved lives, the aftermath of the fire left several families displaced and caused injuries to the homeowners. Authorities are now investigating the cause of the fire, which damaged multiple homes, but it all could have been much worse without Rivera's intervention.

Source: NY POST

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