Mom Uses Evite For Daughter’s Birthday Party, Invites All Phone Contacts

If you’re going to use Evite for party invites, make sure you’re careful about importing contacts. 

Emily King was excited to plan her child’s first birthday party and used Evite to share the party details to friends and family.

But, when using the import feature, she accidentally imported all 487 of her phone contacts… and invited them. 

King says "Not only did it invite my boss, all of my coworkers (and) all of the people that have ever been stored in my phone but it sent invitations based (on) how they are stored in my phone."

King warns "I want you to just take a second and think about everyone stored in your phone and how they're stored in your phone. And then imagine someone receiving an invitation ... 'Derek Eye Roll.'

He received an invitation (and) 'Jess Hit Her Car In Parking Lot.'”

Oopsy! To help pay for the bigger party, Evite sent Emily and her husband a $250 DoorDash gift card.

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