Toddler Gets New Heart, Heads Home From Hospital After Almost 3 Years

A four-year-old girl named Arctura has finally been able to go home from Texas Children's Hospital after waiting for over a thousand days for a new heart. She received a donor heart on March 29th and was discharged last week, much to the delight of hospital staff who threw her a celebratory parade.

Arctura was born with a congenital heart defect, which caused a heart valve to form incorrectly, leading to issues with blood flow and enlargement of her heart. Despite undergoing surgeries early in life, her health continued to decline, eventually leading to heart failure and the need for a transplant.

After the successful surgery, Arctura's doctor says she’s doing great and he’s emphasizing the importance of organ donation, noting that her case highlights the profound impact it can have. Her parents also hope her story raises awareness about congenital heart defects. They're urging people to understand how common congenital heart defects are and how important early detection and treatment can be.


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