Pay It Forward For Pets - Brownie

Meet Brownie … now, one of the two longest residents at Summit County Animal Control.

Brownie is dog-social and gets along with all the dogs he has been introduced to.

This boy is agreeable and allows us to dress him up for his photo ops. We often do dress-up to help dogs gain the attention of somebody looking for a furry family member - it’s not torture :)!

Thought to be somewhere between three and four years of age, Brownie is full grown so what you see is what you get. This sweet dog has a lot of living to do and would like to do it with you.

Just because Brownie has been in the shelter for an extended period, doesn’t mean that there’s anything “wrong” with him. It just means that his person hasn’t discovered him yet.

Brownie has a reputation for being a little bit on the lazy, laid-back side. He’s been labeled a couch potato in the shelter. His energy is appropriate for somebody looking for this type of personality in a pet companion. Brownie is looking for an opportunity to be the dog he was born to be.

Has Brownie piqued your interest? If so, don’t delay … schedule your meet and greet, today!

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