#GoodNews: Cops Rescue Man From Subway Tracks After Seizure

Earlier this week, a pair of NYPD officers rescued a man who’d fallen on the tracks at a Bronx subway station after suffering a seizure. Dramatic body cam footage captured the officers from the 47th Precinct rushing to rescue the man, who landed dangerously close to the deadly third rail, as a train rapidly approaches.

One officer was able to get to the platform through an emergency exit gate opened by a passenger, while the other officer had to jump the turnstile. Despite the imminent danger, the officers, with help from several bystanders, pulled the man off the tracks before the next train arrived.

After rescuing him, the officers tended to him as he lay on his side. One officer asked the man for his name, while another described the harrowing experience, saying they feared the train would hit them. The officers received praise from several people at the station, with one bystander saying, "They both risked their lives jumping into the tracks to save his life."

Source: NY POST

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