Secret Society In Canada Steals, Restores & Returns Garden Gnomes

In the small Canadian community of Kelowna, British Columbia, resident Kelly Blair was deeply distressed to discover that 10 garden gnomes had been stolen from his yard. He had cherished the gnomes for years and was left feeling that his neighborhood was no longer safe when he woke up one morning a few weeks ago to find the gnomes gone. But then last week the gnome-napping story took an interesting turn.

On July 3rd, a mysterious old woman knocked on Blair’s door and handed him an envelope addressed to “The Homeowner." Inside the envelope, was a paper silhouette of a gnome with the words "Gnome Restoration Society." The woman didn’t say a word but led Blair to her truck, where he found all of his gnomes, neatly arranged in boxes. Each gnome had been restored with a fresh coat of paint, much to Blair’s delight.

The anonymous group's efforts left Blair amazed by the exquisite detail and pristine restoration of his precious gnomes. Because of the group’s desire to remain anonymous, Blair isn’t able to thank those involved directly, but he says the gesture made his day and he expressed gratitude for the random act of kindness.


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