White House To Hold Job Fair

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The Trump Administration is holding a job fair.  

A report from "Politico" says an email was sent to Republicans on Capitol Hill Wednesday advertising an upcoming job fair.  

The subject line of the email asked, "Interested in a job at the White House?"  

The email says the "Executive Branch Job Fair" is scheduled for Friday afternoon, and is looking for job seekers of every experience level.  

The administration is looking to fill positions in the Defense Department, Homeland Security, Health and Human Services, NASA, Interior, Commerce, Energy, and the Treasury.  

The ad says candidates for the positions will be "serious conservatives" to fill slots from junior positions all the way up to assistant secretary. 

Hours after signing a joint agreement with Kim Jong Un, President Trump said that the U.S. has agreed to stop running military exercises in neighboring South Korea as part of its agreement with North Korea. In turn, North Korea pledged to destroy a major missile engine testing site. Trump also expressed a desire to get U.S. soldiers out of the peninsula. "I want to get our soldiers out," he said, but noted "that’s not part of the equation right now." 📷 @gettyimages

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