Good News: Kind Man Buys Pizza For Undocumented Immigrants Being Held


While watching the news at home in San Antonio, Armando Colunga saw a story about 54 undocumented workers being found in the back of a semi truck. The guys were being detained, sitting on the ground, waiting for authorities to interview and transport them and Colunga felt like he should do something to help.

So he drove across town and picked up seven Little Caesars pizzas to give the detainees. Colunga says he wasn’t sure if authorities would let him give them the food, but they did, and it turns out, the migrants had been given water, but no food, so they were really hungry.

Colunga is of Mexican descent himself, but he says he would’ve done the same thing regardless of the group’s ethnic or racial background. "If they were black or African people or white people coming from London ... I would have done the same thing," he said. "It's not about race."

Source: CNN

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