Senator Ted Cruz Beats Kimmel On The Basketball Court

Texas Senator Ted Cruz can savor his basketball victory over late night host Jimmy Kimmel. After lots of trash talk between the Republican lawmaker and the comedian – that started when Kimmel compared Cruz to a blobfish – the two decided to take it to the basketball court. It all went down Saturday.

Aside from bragging rights, they agreed that the loser would donate to a charity of the winner’s choosing – and it all ended after two hours with Cruz on top, 11 to 9. And now? Kimmel will shell out five-thousand bucks to a charity of Cruz' choice – Cruz donated to Generation One, which bills itself as a "transdenominational ministry.”

Kimmel's charity was Texas Children's Hospital, but it’s unclear where the 14-thousand raised will go. In the end, Kimmel still couldn't resist a playful dig. "Ted, you're a good sport,” he offered. “But I still think you're a terrible senator.

Source: The Caller Times

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