Video Cuteness: Bulldog Fosters Kittens


Traditionally, cats and dogs don’t really get along, but one dog is proving that wrong. Meet Nono, a two-year-old bull dog on the Upper East Side of Manhattan that’s fostering four kittens for the ASPCA and according to his owner Megan Noes “they weren’t scared of him at all.”

This isn’t his first rodeo either. Nono has helped foster 13 kittens and 17 if you count his current cats Brynn, Beck, Blaze, and Blaque. Rena Lafaille of the ASPCA notes that “situations where an animal acts as a surrogate mom or dad to a different species are unusual,” but Nono is proving that “animals are capable of nurturing other animals in need regardless of species.” Noes says they were nervous about his ability to help others because of his own rambunctiousness, but he learned quickly.

Nono loves to bathe and snuggle with the cats and even lets them play with his squeaky toys. When it comes to feeding time, Nono nudges his owner to empty bowls to let her know when they need food. Of course Nono likes to have his fun too, he sometimes digs into the cat food or makes a mess of their litter boxes and of course goes on “pack walks” with his dog friends. But his good work always pays off, as all of his feline friends have found good homes. He loves having them,” said Noes. “He immediately perks up when he sees a crate coming in with new cats.”

Source: New York Post

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